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So, 27.02.2022
JuHa West, Stuttgart

Ethic Of Radical Finitude Tour 2022
Support: BAIT
Downfall Of Gaia
DOWNFALL OF GAIA’s style was initially firmly rooted in crust punk when they started their career in 2008. Over the years their sound evolved and is now a mixture of black metal, sludge, doom and post-metal. The band toured all over the world (i.e. in the US, Japan, Australia and of course Europe) and fascinates their audience with an intense live performance full of a catching, pitch black atmosphere, multi layered creativity and sheer intensity. Atmospheric, clean and calm guitar parts clash with berserk blast beat barrage – a once in a lifetime experience!
Just like its members are spread all across Europe, never really settling down anywhere and with a solid amount of shows on their backs, this band has built a name from the trenches of the underground squats to major European summer festivals, from headlining tours to supporting household names in extreme music and touring all around the globe. Founded in Hamburg in 2013 and currently based right in the middle of Europe (Linz, Austria), the main focus of the band has always been the stage and the face to face contact with their audience. Their very own mixture of Death, Grind and Punk is skillfully forged into straight-to-the-point violence which goes hand in hand with their unapologetic political and socio-critical direction.
Präsentiert von: FUZE Magazin, MoreCore, Black Harbour Entertainment und JuHa West

Wann & Wo
Datum & Uhrzeit
So, 27.02.2022
Einlass: 19:00
Beginn: 19:30
JuHa West
Bebelstraße 26, 70193 Stuttgart, Germany
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Stuttgarter Jugendhaus gGmbH - JuHa West
Präsentiert von
  • Fuze Magazin
  • MoreCore
  • JuHa West
  • Black Harbour Entertainment
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